What Factors Impact Sariya Ka Rate?

Sariya Ka Rate

We all know how vital TMT bars a.k.a sariya are for the construction business. But whenever you think of purchasing these rebars, you will see that ‘sariya ka rate’ has never been fixed all around the year. But, why does that happen? 

It can be a challenge for most of us to understand this factor, especially when we cannot pinpoint the things that mainly affect the cost. For instance, you can compare sariya prices in India today vs. six months ago – it is tough to say what has changed. But, we can definitely say that several factors have contributed to these factors. Let’s find out together in the blog! 

Factors That Influences Sariya Ka Rate

The steel industry is expected to witness rapid advancement over the coming years as the latest generation steel mills with the newly developed technology will be integrated. Consequently, this creates volatility in the sectors that results in extreme price changes per kg in TMT bars. Consider the following points to find out the reasons behind this: 

  1. The cost of raw materials

The availability and price of raw materials like iron ore, coal, and alloys that are used for making TMT bars, greatly impact the cost of the TMT bars. Sariya is a mixture of secondary and primary steel where the primary steel is manufactured from iron ore and the secondary steel from scrap iron. 

If the iron content of the steel varies, the quality will differ, along with the price. In addition to that, the cost of raw materials can vary for several reasons such as fluctuations in trade policies, taxes, transportation costs, material costs, and so on. 

  1. Uprising Market Demand for TMT Bar

The TMT bar cost, like every other commodity, may rise or fall to the changing market conditions. Demand for TMT bars from the market is increased via infrastructure development, urbanization, and commercial construction projects. Such demand plays a key role in the current ‘sariya ka rate’. In addition, seasonal demand, weather changes and government rules and regulations also affect the price of the TMT bars in the market.

  1. Location

Each of the regions won’t have the same price for the TMT bars. The cost of TMT bars transportation differs in Kg when the construction site is located far from the factory or vice versa. The cost of transportation and the vehicle used in the haulage will determine if the cost of sariya delivered to the customer’s house is near or far from the manufacturing site.

  1. The weight of the TMT bar

In this case, those who are civil engineering contractors recommend buying TMT bars in pieces, bundles, and tons. The TMT bar pricing varies as per the weight of the TMT bar. Thus, the TMT bars are about 12 m in length, and the diameter range is from 5.5 mm to 32 mm. This will give you information about the kind of TMT bar you need for a particular project.

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Importance Of Calculating Sariya Ka Rate In Construction

Proper cost management is a key factor in construction project success. With up-to-date TMT bar prices, construction professionals can plan on-time material requirements, negotiate contracts with suppliers and opt for the most efficient use of resources.

Therefore, Sariya ka rate monitoring makes it possible for construction professionals to stay on budget without compromising the quality and structural strength of the project. Moreover, it creates an estimated financial plan, which improves the overall project management efficiency – you can invest extra money somewhere else, for instance investing more on the exterior or interior of the building.


To obtain consistency in product quality and ensure complete customer satisfaction in both home and foreign markets, you must choose a reliable TMT bar supplier who supplies superior quality products depending on the current sariya ka rate. Only a reputed company will never cheat on and compromise on the quality of TMT bars.

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