Using a Colour Coated Sheet for Your Roof: Is It a Wise Choice?

Colour Coated Sheet for Roof

In the global construction business, roofing with a colour coated sheet may play a significant role. Recently, there has been a change in emphasis on the value of aesthetics. As a result, building construction goes beyond mere practicality and usefulness, from wallpaper to modern architecture.

A decorative, colour coated sheet is one thing that is steadily gaining appeal. Although these are more frequently found in urban and industrialized locations, these sheets can also be utilized in residential buildings, mainly for aesthetic reasons and as an alternative to the usually galvanized iron sheets.

During market testing, roofing sheets underwent varying degrees of durability and fire resistance development. Therefore, to meet the needs of every customer, they are also offered in various shapes, sizes, and gauges.

Depending on the need, these sheets’ coloured coatings range in thickness. Learn more about the advantages of utilizing colour-coated sheets by reading on.

Why is using a colour coated sheet beneficial for roofing?

Here are the most common reasons that you may consider as benefits when you choose a colour coated sheet over other roofing materials:

Resistant to harsh weather conditions

Aluminium sheets form a thin layer of aluminium oxide when exposed to air. As a result, they are rust- and corrosion-resistant. Therefore, you can be confident that even when exposed to rain, strong winds, or direct sunlight, your coloured roofs won’t fade. Different colours are applied to colour-coated sheets using a chemical technique. This guarantees they will keep their colour and lustre for a very long period.


A third of the weight of steel or copper, aluminium is one of the lightest commercial metals used to make the majority of colour-coated sheets. Compared to other roofing sheet materials, colour-coated sheets are both lightweight and have strong and sturdy construction because most are composed of aluminium.

Incredible durability

Solid and long-lasting is a corrugated aluminium roofing sheet. They maintain their toughness through all types of weather, have excellent tensile strength at low temperatures, and are thermally friendly. Additionally, these sheets can support enormous weights without suffering harm. Finally, you save money over time because they endure longer than conventional steel roofing sheets.

Installation is effortless

Colour-coated sheets are very simple to install because they are lightweight. Moreover, these sheets do not bend easily which means the roofs are not exposed to too much pressure.


Since aluminium makes up the majority of colour-coated sheets, they are non-combustible and have a Class-A fire rating. They are therefore suitable for usage in industries, warehouses, households, and other locations.


Recycling requires only three to five per cent of the original energy utilized to create the colour-coated sheets. In addition, because aluminium has a shallow melting point, recycling them is simple.

Beautiful appearance

Last but not least, colour-coated sheets come in a range of colours, shapes, sizes, and thicknesses, significantly raising the aesthetic value of every building. This qualifies them for use in lodging facilities such as hotels and resorts, airport hangars, dining establishments, workplaces, etc.


Using a colour coated sheet for durable roofing has unmatchable benefits, and for top-notch aluminium sheets, there is no one better than Viva. They use cutting-edge Korean equipment and a knowledgeable and motivated crew to complete the whole manufacturing process efficiently.

Their facility has all the necessary safety elements and a solar power generator that produces 850 kWh of electricity and ensures the efficient manufacture of ACP sheets. Additionally, we have 60 different pieces of testing equipment in our in-house testing facilities to guarantee the creation of ACP panels of the highest calibre. Now, with all that in order, there is no way you can go wrong with anything!

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