Top 3 TMT Bar Manufacturers In Kolkata With Best Price

TMT Bar Manufacturers in Kolkata

TMT bars, or Thermo-Mechanically Treated bars, are an advanced kind of reinforcement steel bars that are used in buildings for their greater strength and longer life span. 

Indian steel manufacturers make their products of high-grade quality which is steadily increasing the urbanization and building construction process of the nation. That’s why many states in India offer high capabilities and technicalities in the manufacturing of steel and TMT bars of the best grade. 

Similarly, steel manufacturing can be a hallmark in Kolkata, West Bengal. Public and private companies produce high-tensile TMT bars that are useful for constructing high-rise buildings, flyovers, bridges, and more. So, if you are looking for the best TMT Bar Manufacturers in Kolkata, the provided information in the blog will help you. 

The Best TMT Bar Manufacturers In Kolkata You Can Rely Upon

The high tensile strength and flexibility of a TMT bar make them the ultimate choice for earthquake-prone zones in India. You should choose steel rebars with high shock-absorbing capacity that do not collapse a building during an earthquake. Moreover, it guarantees the longevity of the structure. 

But, you can’t trust every brand out there in the market. That’s why we have compiled a list of the best TMT bar manufacturers who come under the top 3 of the group:  

  1. Adukia Industries

This company has its headquarters in Kolkata and has been a reliable iron and steel manufacturing company for over 40 years. 

To manufacture the best TMT bars in Kolkata, they follow the ore-to-metal process and use 100% pure steel by integrating a German-based quenching system. 

Being the leading primary steel manufacturer in India, they tend to meet all the expectations in the case of the quality of steel bars. The TMT bars are built of superior quality and are certified IS 2830:2012 compliance. The TMT bars bond well with RCC because of the unique rib design that ensures that the cement lasts long. 

Even though Kolkata is in Seismic Zone 4, but being adjacent to Zone 5, the port city’s high-rises are at risk. Being one of the best TMT bar manufacturers in Kolkata, the company builds earthquake-resistant TMT bars – so, no more worries. 

  1. TATA Tiscon

Tata Tiscon is an established company with a huge network of over 6800 dealers around the country. The manufacturer’s work is on producing Tiscon 500-grade TMT bars that are of superior strength with the minimum quantity of steel being used. Thereby, reducing the production cost and increasing its value. 

When a company’s main focus is customer satisfaction they would never compromise on the quality of the products. So, grab the opportunity and build unbreakable homes with TATA Tiscon products. 

  1. SRMB Srijan Private Limited 

The TMT bars provided by the company are certified under IMS (ISO 9001). It is a primary steel manufacturer in India that is certified under ISO 14001,2015, and OHSAS 8001,2007. They are one of the pioneer TMT bar manufacturers in India whose inventions in the manufacturing process are impressive. 

The technical collaboration with CRM, Belgium TEMPCORE Cooling Technology on producing corrosion-resistant TMT bars of high quality was groundbreaking. Through their state-of-the-art manufacturing plants, the machines go through the digital universal test and spectrometers that are essential for complying safety standards of rebar. Only then, they can fabricate rebar bars of Fe-500 or Fe-600.

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Choose The Best TMT Bar Manufacturers in Kolkata

Whether you are a construction specialist or you are thinking of building a new home or office, you will get the best quality TMT bars in West Bengal, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, and so on. But, if you are from Kolkata then choosing TMT bar manufacturers in Kolkata will be a better idea. 

TMT bars have the widest stress-strain curve among all the steel bars and the maximum strength. The highly energy-absorbing TMT bars can be the construction source for a strong building in Kolkata.

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