RCC and TMT Steel: Building Strong Foundations For Years

RCC and TMT Steel

In the construction industry, RCC also known as reinforced cement concrete, is a widely used material – it’s a common fact known by many. But what you may need to learn is that concrete is strong under pressure, but can easily crack under tension. Now, to support them, TMT steel bars are typically used as reinforcement in them. 

The strength of concrete (cement, aggregates like gravel, sand and water) along with the tensile strength and flexibility of steel rebars gives birth to unshakeable foundations. And, the TMT Bar Manufacturers in Kolkata also play important roles in all these, as they are the only producers of quality steel bars in India. 

The use of RCC construction has improved the way that buildings and other structures are constructed today. TMT bars have extremely high ductility that protects structural integrity in buildings. Do you wish to find out more about them then? Now let’s get going! 

What’s The Role Of Steel Reinforcement Bars In RCC? 

Along with TMT reinforcement bars, the constructors put wires, mesh, or cables inside the concrete to make buildings stronger and more resistant to cracks and breakage. These bars are like the backbone of a concrete structure and as they are really strong, the constructors can bend, weld, and incorporate them properly. 

Reinforced concrete can be either made beforehand or poured directly into place. The constructors usually put reinforcement in areas of the concrete that might get stretched, like the bottom part of the beams. It’s important to cover the steel with at least 50 millimetres of concrete on all sides to stop it from corroding and causing the structure to weaken.

The type of TMT bar used, as well as its size, shape, and other details, depend on the design and strength needed for a building’s foundation. TMT bars come in four grades: Fe 415, Fe 500, Fe 550, and Fe 600. The higher the grade, the higher the capacity to bear the load of a building structure. 

Other Advantages of Using TMT in Concrete Structures 

I have already mentioned that TMT bars give foundation to RCC structures, but why only steel rebars are used rather than other materials? It’s because they are: 

  • Non-Corrosive: TMT bars are important in construction because they don’t rust easily. Moisture in the air can make metal bars inside buildings rust, weakening the structure. But TMT bars have special properties that keep them from rusting.
  • Earthquake and Fire Resistance: TMT bars help buildings withstand earthquakes and fires and can easily bear high temperatures exceeding up to 300 degrees Celsius. So even if there’s a fire, they stay strong and keep the building safe.

Applications Of TMT bars 

No matter what you’re building, RCC (Reinforced Cement Concrete) and TMT bars are used in many different structures. Here are some common places where you will find them:

  1. Buildings and tall structures: RCC is often used to make buildings and tall structures like skyscrapers. They are also used for making things like slabs, columns, walls, and foundations as they can handle heavy loads with the help of TMT bars easily.
  2. Flyovers, complex structures, and bridges: Both these friends – RCC and TMT bars are also used to build things like bridges and flyovers. These structures need to be really strong to handle lots of traffic and tough weather conditions. Mostly for these types of constructions, Fe 500 and Fe 550 steel bars are used. 
  3. Dams and reservoirs: Big structures like dams and reservoirs use RCC and TMT bars as it’s strong enough to handle the pressure from lots of water.
  4. Walls: RCC is great for retaining walls supporting slopes and tricky shapes. When we add reinforced steel bars to the concrete, it makes the walls even stronger and less likely to fail.

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Parting Words

Investing in a new project requires both time, money, and effort. That’s why before beginning and purchasing TMT bars it’s better to choose the best TMT Bar Manufacturers in Kolkata. Otherwise, there is no guarantee that you will find a reliable partner without a detailed study! 

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