How HPL ACP Sheets Are More Reliable Than HPL Sheets?

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When you think of integrating contemporary designs into your modern-age buildings, the wall decor material plays an important role. The aesthetic and sleek designs demand the application of highly trustable materials which can meet the needs of durability and longevity. The HPL ACP sheets are one such reliable material that is accepted by designers and architectures over paper HPL sheets. It is one of the best cladding materials for interior and exterior surfaces.

HPL sheets are used in traditional designs which have been upgraded to ACP boards because of the enormous range of advantages it offers. HPL or the High-Pressure Laminate constitutes around 70% of the paper in the core and the remaining portion is the thermosetting resins which ensure the material’s strength and rigidity.

The Aluminium HPL sheet (AHPL) is the most modern-age material highly used in the building’s surfaces because of the presence of highly durable aluminium alloy. It is preferred over the HPL board because of the superior strength, flexibility, durability, and other benefits it offers. HPL ACP sheets are 90 degrees bendable and simply fabricated.

Benefits of Using HPL ACP Sheets

Additional Composition Feature

The traditional HPL sheets contained 60-70% paper and the rest of the part is the resin composition that gives it durable strength. HPL ACP sheet is preferred over normal HPL boards because of the numerous advantages it offers due to their composition. HPL sheet doesn’t consist of the various properties that ACP sheets provide. HPL ACP sheet, made of aluminium alloy and LDPE core, is highly resistant to scratch, abrasion, fire, water, sound, heat, bacterial elements, etc. HPL sheet lacks these additional features due to its composition.

Flexibility and Recyclability

ACP sheets are flexible and can be adjusted in any form or shape depending upon the area. They are easily bent, moulded, and curved, and don’t brittle or break upon applying high pressure. They are highly reliable and durable over normal HPL boards for cladding and other applications. ACP HPL boards are also recyclable and reusable as compared to normal boards. They can be easily reused or dismantled and can be installed again in other areas.

Smoothly Conserved

The HPL ACP sheets are easily conserved and used for a longer time because it requires just a gentle wiping with a cloth. The dust or dirt doesn’t stay on the surface and also restricts the bacteria from forming on the surface. HPL boards are harmed by harsh weather and cannot be just wiped with a cloth once dirty because of the UV coating. If damaged it can be easily dismantled and changed again due to the ease of installation.

Fire Retardant

HPL ACP sheet is a safer material because of the safety measures it offers. Unlike HPL boards, they are composed of aluminium metal which provides the sheet with the extra advantage of healing insulation. HPL boards, composed of papers and resins, cannot prevent fire penetration. ACP sheet can penetrate the fire for a longer time allowing the people to evacuate the area safely. The fire can cause the emission of harmful gases in the HPL sheet but in the case of an ACP sheet, no harmful gases or fumes are emitted, helping conserve the environment.


Therefore, the ACP HPL sheet comes with an enormous range of advantages over traditional HPL boards for several purposes. Though HPL boards are used even today, in the growing technological era, the use of the aluminium composite panel in high-pressure laminates is one of the preferred materials. With hi-tech finishes, colours, and an ocean of features, ACP HPL is highly recommendable over HPL boards.

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