How are Fire Safety Standards met with Fire-Retardant Aluminium Composite Panel?

Fire-Retardant Aluminium Composite Panel

If you take proper notice, you will find that more and more buildings are being covered with claddings. Ditching the traditional cladding materials, ACP panels are rising as the popular choice for exterior and interior facades. Well, there must be some reason why! 

ACP sheets have become the ultimate building material for several reasons. Lightweight, strong, long-lasting, and above all, fire-proof! Yes, it is this advantage that makes ACP panels stand out from the other materials used to build facades. 

What are fire retardant ACP panels?

A fire-retardant aluminium composite panel (ACP) is a version of an ACP panel where the thermoplastic core that is typically used, is replaced by a mineral core. Let’s understand this better.

The structure of an ACP panel is somewhat like a sandwich with many layers. It has a core with two thin layers of aluminium sheets on both sides, joined together with adhesive films. These are topped with primer and coatings. 

The core in fire-retardant panels is made of non-combustible minerals, such as aluminium alloy. This gives the core additional strength and durability. These cores are designed to resist fire and high temperatures, thereby providing a high level of fire protection.

How do fire-retardant ACP panels improve a building’s safety?

Fire accidents can happen anytime and anywhere. However, it can result in tragedy for high-rise buildings or, buildings that are located close to one another. Conventional cladding materials add to the existing risk that buildings have since they are not immune to fire. Thankfully, today there are ACPs that improve a building’s safety to a great extent. 

The Improved Design

Fires can spread from one part of a building to another in a matter of seconds. But that needs a path that can be a good conductor, and which unfortunately a lot of cladding materials are. On the brighter side, fire-retardant ACPs are designed in such a way that resists fire from spreading. The best part is that these panels have aluminium, which is non-combustible and melts at extremely high temperatures. On the contrary, materials such as wood or fibreglass have lower melting points. 

No Toxic Fumes Produced

In most fire accidents, the smoke produced during combustion is responsible for damage to life. Since aluminium composite panels have a non-combustible core, they do not cause any smoke. This allows people to be evacuated with much less difficulty. Besides, it also eliminates the chances of toxic gas inhalation. 

No Molten Droplets 

Temperatures during fires can reach high enough to melt objects. Since different materials have different melting points, they can cause burning droplets to form. It becomes extremely risky for people trapped inside as well as rescuers. Again, because of the high heat tolerance ACPs have, they do not cause any molten droplets. 

Better Structural Durability

External and internal building materials often change their structural composition when exposed to higher temperatures. On the other hand, the core as well as the protective layers in the fire-resistant ACP panels resist warping, cracking, or bending when they reach higher temperatures. They can in fact resist the spread of fire by slowing down the flames for up to two hours. 

How to improve the fire resistance of ACP panels?

A fire-retardant aluminium composite panel goes through several tests and is certified to meet fire-safety standards. This ensures that they are safe and suitable for use in building design and construction. However, it is essential to install fire-retardant ACP panels correctly to ensure that they function as intended. This includes proper installation methods, sealing gaps and joints, and making sure that the panels are properly attached to the building structure.

To conclude fire-retardant ACP panels are an effective and reliable solution for meeting fire safety standards in building design and construction.


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