Evolution in The Use of ACP Board in India

Evolution in the use of ACP Board in India

Have you seen a shop with a 3-D sign that glows in the dark? If yes, then you are looking at the ACP board.

The evolution of signage in India is a mix of ideas taken from a western culture with the preservation of traditional culture, i.e. communication through signs.

Simply put, a signage board is a form of verbal communication, there can be a logo or name of a brand or shop that helps in communicating with the prospective consumer.

In India, the traditional signboards which are still in use are vinyl boards, or acrylic paint boards. Most retailers give last priority to signboards while working on a renovation project.

However, with the increase in the popularity of signage boards, a lot of retailer from the past decade is transitioning toward ACP signage board.

Consumers and retailers alike are increasingly attracted to swanky and alluring signage that matches splendid interiors and architecture.

So, why ACP board is better than traditional boards?

  1. Cost-effective

Quality boards used to seem expensive, but they are actually quite affordable. The sheets are made of aluminum and a thermoplastic core, so the cost of raw materials is less than other sign boards.

The installation is easy, and the process is not labor-intensive, so the installation costs are reduced.

  1. Astounding look

If you want to create a retail design sphere, then grab the opportunity with ACP. Brands are constantly bringing innovation in design which includes new finishes and textures. The new age finishes include rustic series, desert series, metallic series, 3-D series, and wooden series.

To create a unique and customized look on the ACP board, acrylic sheets are used over the board with LED lights. There is numerous manufacturer who offers 100percent customization and also manufactures the brand’s logo and name along with the board.

  1. Easy Installation

ACP board does not take much time is installing. The ACP boards come with rivets and nuts, these are fixed on the MS profile. These sheets take just a couple of hours to install and do not require much labor.



  1. Flexibility

ACP boards surface the base of aluminum which can be molded in any shape or design as per the requirement of the consumer. The ACP sheets are molded in different letters to curate the name of the shop on the board. A lot of time, the company offers customization, so you can put the requirements and they deliver the product concerning that.

  1. Durability

A lot of consumers think ACP is not as durable as acrylic paint boards, but it’s a myth. ACP boards can last 10-15 years without any maintenance. The boards are corrosion resistant, can withstand weather changes, and do not chip or crack. This is the mere reason why most retailer prefers ACP boards.

Types of attractive ACP Sign boards:

  1. Digital Signage: The modern LED and AI-based signboard are possible with an ACP board.
  2. LED Signage
  3. Fluorescent Signage


Currently, be it a small shop or big enterprise the use of ACP board has tremendously risen. The evolution has shown an inclination toward sustainable development. In the coming years, there will be further renationalization and innovative use of the ACP board awaits.

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