Choosing 8 mm TMT Bars Over Tor Steel and Why It Matters

8 mm TMT Bars

In the dynamic world of the construction industry, choosing TMT (Thermo-Mechanically Treated) bars and Tor Steel grasps notable weight. As the constructors and engineers explore the variety of structural components, the preference for 8 mm TMT bars over Tor Steel emerges as a significant debate. 

In this blog, we will learn the reason behind this choice, and discover the unique features of TMT bars that make them a suitable choice in contemporary construction practices. 

Here’s Why 8 mm TMT Bars MT Bars are Preferred Over Tor Steel

Thermo Mechanically Treated bars are officially used in the construction industry. Their high-strength with a tough outer core and a soft inner core, makes it corrosion resistant. The unique fire-resistance and earthquake-resistant features came into existence in 1979. The distinctive manufacturing process of these TMT bars makes them flexible and easily bendable.

Flexibility in any construction materials allows architects and engineers to turn their vision into reality. Most people underestimate 8mm TMT bars due to their slender profile. However, their primary role is to bear loads in structures, hence they are useful in building stairways, slabs, and more. 

You can skillfully curve and shape these bars without compromising on quality and their inherent strength.

What Are TOR Steel Bars?

After heat treatment, TOR Steel bars are twisted and deformed, giving it a distinctive structure. These High Yielding Strength Deformed steel bars expand the binding properties of concrete, reduce spillage, and guarantee high stability and durability. TOR steel bars have a higher tensile strength that offers uniform placement of deformations along the length of the bar.

The Difference Between a TMT Steel Bar From a TOR Steel Bar

In other words, the TMT bar manufacturing process differs from TOR steel bars. The production process gives each TMT bar a unique set of characteristics and strengths. One of the best advantages TMT bars have over TOR steel is their superior strength, corrosion-resistant property, elasticity, tensile strength and more.

The definite shapes of TMT bars make it flexible, allowing the architects to be imaginative. From modern designs to traditional structures, the flexibility of 8mm TMT bars is not confined by rigid structures. 

Besides, these TMT bars are useful in sculpting different parts of the interior and exterior. Therefore, you must choose an 8mm TMT bar to create arches and meandering staircases, to integrate curved-shaped elements. 

Benefits of TMT bars over TOR Steel bars:

  • TMT bars have higher tensile strength and lower residual stress as their treatment process does not involve any physical deformation. 
  • The exclusion of the physical deformation process reduces the chances of surface defects. It helps safeguard structures from damage and unfavourable effects of corrosion, ensuring the longevity of the structure.
  • The exclusive features of TMT steel bars have lowered the consumption of steel by 20%. 
  • TMT bars have a stronger external layer as compared to TOR Steel bars. 
  • The thermal resistance properties of TMT steel bars can absorb heat up to 600 degrees Celsius. Therefore, it is a perfect choice for building fire-resistant buildings.
  • TMT bars possess high elongation properties that increase their tensile strength and ductility. It makes the buildings strong, flexible and earthquake-resistant.
  • The unique rib pattern of an 8mm TMT bar runs across the entire length of their body. It facilitates a strong connection with cement when compared to TOR steel bars.
  • The low-carbon ingredient in TMT bars helps in hassle-free welding work.

Therefore, TMT bars are beneficial for a wide range of construction works because of their amazing features.

Bottom Line 

Still, with so many exclusive properties, the quality of an 8mm TMT bar depends on the manufacturer. Choose a trusted and reliable TMT bar manufacturer in India and be aware of the fraud. Best of luck!

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