A Closer Look at the Modern Marvel: Aluminium Composite Panel in Contemporary Construction

Aluminium Composite Panel For Construction

Nowadays, aluminium composite panels are used in many areas, and it is common in our lives, However, not all people are familiar with this building wall material, The use of these panels is multifaceted, so I will introduce the specific use of the this panel in this article.

What are aluminium composite panels used for?

The aluminium composite panel is a composite building material that is processed on special production equipment by using a chemically-coated aluminium sheet as a surface material and polyethene plastic as a core material.

The unique properties of the aluminium panel sheet determine its wide range of uses: it can be used for building exterior walls, curtain wall panels, old building renovation, interior wall and ceiling decoration, advertising signs, display stands, purification and dust prevention.

The acp panel is made of polyvinyl chloride resin as a base material, adding a certain amount of anti-ageing agent, modifier and other additives, and is prepared by mixing, calendaring, vacuum absorbing and the like. It has the advantages of being lightweight, moisture-proof, heat insulation, non-flammable, non-dusting, easy to clean, can be painted, easy to install, and low in price.

The use of aluminium panel sheets are:

  1. The exterior wall of the building and the curtain wall panel.
  2. The exterior of the old building was modified and refurbished.
  3. Balcony, equipment unit, indoor compartment.
  4. Panel, signage board and display stand.
  5. Interior wall decorative panels, ceilings, advertising signs.
  6. The body of industrial materials, cold storage car body.

The aluminium composite panels are divided into indoor panels and outdoor panels. The surface coatings of the two panels are different, which determines the different occasions for which they are applicable.

Indoor Aluminium Composite Panels

The surface of the indoor acp panels is usually coated with a resin coating. This coating cannot adapt to the harsh outdoor environment. If it is used outdoors, it will naturally accelerate the ageing process and cause discolouration and discolouration.

Outdoor Aluminium Composite Panels

The surface coating of the outdoor acp panels is generally coated with a polyfluorinated elastomer which is resistant to aging and ultraviolet rays, and the sheet is expensive.

Installation of ACP Panels:

  • ACP panels are first mounted on other plastic aluminium plates or other materials with rivets, bolts, screws, or nails, made of aluminium or stainless steel.
  • Before attaching ACP panels to different materials (like steel plates), at least a 25u-thick layer of insulating and galvanized material.
  • All joints should be of specified widths. No two adjacent or perpendicular joints should have a difference in width of more than 2.5 mm.
  • By adhering one side of the angle material to the bent edge of the ACP panel with strong structural glue.
  • Attaching the middle of the angle with rivets, a prefabricated panel for the upper wall will be created.
  • Supporting brackets should be designed to provide three-dimensional adjustments and accurate location of wall component.
  • Join the prefabricated ACP panels block by block by adjusting them to the same level and sealing them with rivets and self-tapping screws.

Applications of Aluminium Composite Panels

  • Exterior – façade, canopy, overhang, soffit and more.
  • Interior – wall covering, false ceiling, cupboards, wardrobes, modular kitchens, table tops, column covers and more.
  • Corporate Identity Design – Signage, kiosks, totems, POPs, fascia, etc.
  • For cladding all types of facades.
  • For covering columns.
  • Balcony cladding.
  • Canopies, tunnels, subway interiors, telephone booths, column covers or renovations

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Types of ACP Panels:

Fire Retardant ACP

A Fire Retardant ACP sheet is made in the form of a honeycomb design that brings down the intensity of the fire and the heat produced from any fire outbreak. The air bubbles situated between the honeycomb designs ensure to trap the fire by creating a vacuum in between the layers.

Non-Combustible ACP

It is the same as a traditional composite panel; however, what makes it different is the technology of the core, which is constructed from a 100% aluminium structure rather than any combustible material. It is made of an advanced mineral compound that is best for restraining the flammability of the minor polymeric content and restricting flame propagation and smoke generation.

Anti-Bacterial ACP

Anti-bacterial ACP sheets actively shield you and your loved ones from harmful bacteria such as coliform, staphylococcus aureus, salmonella, enteritis bacteria etc.

Based on thickness:

3mm ACP

ACP Panels have a 3mm thickness, it have two layers of Aluminium both over and beneath the core. The thickness ensures longevity, as well as the thickness, being ideal both for exterior and interior applications.

4mm ACP

ACP sheets that boast a 4mm thickness are ideal to have multiple use cases, including both interior and exterior applications.

6mm ACP

6mm ACP sheets can withstand not only extreme temperatures but also are water-resistant. They can also actively resist mould, swelling, and rusting.


The aluminium composite panel (ACP) is a modern-day surprise it truly has revolutionized cutting-edge production practices. The ACP has revolutionized architectural layout and construction creation in a manner that truly is flexible, long-lasting, and aesthetically captivating. With their lightweight production, climate resistance, and design flexibility, ACPs provide architects, designers, and developers unparalleled innovative expression and innovation. In current creation initiatives, ACPs are essential for reinforcing exteriors, reworking interiors, and remodelling architectural capabilities. ACP technology will continue to play a pivotal role in shaping the built environment of the future as we don’t forget the advantages, packages, and advancements.

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