ACP Sheets Is The Choice Of Modern Cities

ACP Sheets Is The Choice Of Modern Cities

The growth of infrastructure and the creation of high-tech modern real estate in the urban cities has led to experimentation with modern and revolutionizing ideas of architecture. As the height of the building grows, the design becomes crucial to make an impact on the on-lookers.

One material that is in rage and created a recognizable space in the architectural industry is ACP sheets. Aluminium Composite Panel sheet is the acronym for an aluminium composite panel, the panels are metal composite material which is useful in creating a chic and luxurious look to both the exterior and interior of the building.

The panels are becoming the primary choice in modern cities to build unique and stylish statement looks. So, here are the top reasons which are why ACP panels have become the muse of every designer and architect to reinvigorate both old and new buildings.

Benefits of ACP Sheets


Sustainability is becoming increasingly important in our modern world as we move forward. In addition to being eco-friendly, ACP sheets can also be used to create a green façade. These sheets are completely recyclable and help in reducing the energy requirement in a building. The sheets comprise of thin aluminium coil and LDPE or PE core. The core is useful in fabricating new ACP sheets.


Unlike other cladding materials, the ACP sheet is cost0-effective. The panels come with a warranty of 15-20 years and are known for their high resistance to rust or damage. It makes the purchase value and decreases the additional expense of maintaining the panels.


The outer layer of the ACP sheet is made of aluminium coil, which makes it easier to install as it can hold the nail. The sheets come with rivets and nuts which are fixed metal frame.


The ACP panels are sturdy yet highly flexible. The thin sheet is shaped with the help of a mica blade and router. The panels can be shaped in any form or any size with the router and cutting tools.

Plush and chic style

The ACP sheets have revolutionized the architecture industry, as the sheets come in a wide variety of textures, hues, and designs. It can imitate the exact texture and color of natural cladding giving the builders the right alternative to natural cladding like stone, or wood.

Some of the famous ACP series are wooden ACP, corten steel ACP, stone ACP, sand ACP series, mirror finish, and matt ACP series. Alternatively, consumers can request complete customization from the diverse range. It includes the color, texture, and shape of the ACP sheet.


In this rapid urbanization of cities, it is important to be sustainable to reduce the impact. ACP sheets are eco-friendly, it is 100% recyclable. The scrapped out panels are used to manufacture new, which reduces the carbon footprint in the architectural industry.

As a sustainable material, it not only adds value to sustainable manufacturing but also helps in making a green façade, and reduces energy consumption inside high-rise buildings. It provides thermal protection which means it reduces up to 30% of energy consumption.


The cladding industry is expected to grow at a 28-30% annual rate. Over the past couple of years, according to informed sources, the annual income of the ACP sheet industry in India has crossed INR 1800 crore. The rise is mostly because of Government initiatives on Smart City and the growth of real estate in urban cities. To buy Aluminium Composite Panel or ACP sheet for residential or commercial building you can check out nearby ACP sheet suppliers.

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