5 Ways To Look Ahead Into The Colourful World of ACP Cladding in 2022

5 Ways To Look Ahead Into The Colourful World of ACP Cladding in 2022

If anything that brings a sense of calm and joy while living in space is the color, and if you are anything like me then you need many! A building is a blank canvas on which you can fill the colors of your choice with textures like wood, stone, ceramics, or glass. ACP cladding blends all in one as it brings out the essence of your personality cascading on a plain building.

Spring is about to bid adieu and summer is on the cards, it’s time to be playful with the colors and unfurl the designs that last with you for years. Committing to a single color for 10-15 years may sound perilous, but with the right understanding of your character and theme, you can create an eclectic design in confined spaces with vibrant ACP sheets.

Colors of 2022


You may have seen this color many times, in homes or interiors of your favorite stars, yes it’s the one which was named as color of the year in 2021; Pantone. Pantone is the color encompassing the qualities of blue, and at the same time, it has an undertone of purple and red. The color signifies curiosity and confidence. In the year when due to the pandemic everything seemed blue, Pantone emerged as the color that represents gratitude and confidence to start something new.

Warm Colours

Warm tones like red, yellow, and orange scuttles are better for spaces where most of the work time is spent. So for instance, in the kitchen, gym, or your office warm tones work better. Maverick Brown, citron, deep aubergine, and chartreuse are some of the ACP cladding colors to look for in 2022.

Warm Neutrals

Warm neutral colors are having their moment this year. While being stuck at home for two years due to the pandemic, everyone looked for calmness around the home. This is where warm neutrals became a thing for every household.

Apart from bringing warmth to the room, these colors bring a sense of coziness, this is why it is perfect for both interior and exteriors. Sandy beige color with red undertones, grey mix, Riveria beach, and a light drizzle is some of the colors that work best for the upcoming seasons.

Epoch Colors

Fashion is all about bringing past designs with a hint of modernity. The vintage colors and textures are known for classic décor and while designing your home with ACP cladding you get the chance to be as versatile as you want. Epoch colors like plum or green in matt finish work best for spaces with low light.


Instead of settling for one color, it’s time to be as vibrant as your personality. The benefit of using ACP cladding instead of paint is it does not have any harmful effect on the environment and secondly it does not loses its initial shine that keeps the look intact for years.

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