5 Tips To Choose The Right ACP Cladding For Your Exterior In 2022

5 Tips to choose the right ACP Cladding for your Exterior in 2022

The need for ACP cladding material in today’s generation cannot be neglected anymore. Its high demand in the market speaks for its popularity.

Simply putting, the Aluminum composite panel is a sandwich panel. These flat panels are made of thin aluminum alloy with polyethylene core or FR grade core which looks like a sandwich if you cut from the middle.

The heavenly shades and textures are one of the primary reasons why ACP gained popularity. Apart from that, there are a plethora of other reasons, to mention a few it’s lightweight and durable.

But, choosing the right ACP is not one of the easy tasks to accomplish. With its versatility, you can get spoiled with choices. In this, a few other features also include such as fire-retardant and anti-bacterial.

As a buyer, you must take care of a few factors while buying ACP from any reputed suppliers. These tips will guide you choose the best ACP cladding for exteriors.

Choosing the design

The ACP cladding must have its look and feel. Therefore, while installing the ACP sheets one must consider the complements of the interior and exterior surrounding of the building.

For say, your exterior is covered in lush greenery, then choosing a shade that complements this imagery will reflect your statement style. Choosing a color or design which will not clash with the mood of the surrounding is highly recommended.

Creating the perfect color Scheme

When it comes to ACP sheets, colors speak a lot. Remember, color can make or break the beauty of a house. ACP sheets are available in a wide range of colors, the color scheme is so diverse it is beyond your imagination. I suggest you go for enigmatic colors which have their character. Don’t go for plain blue, green, or white, better try to mix and match as per your imagination.

Consider The Thickness of Sheet

ACP sheets are available in 3mm, 6mm, and 4mm. The thickness of the sheet defines its purpose. For instance, 3mm is usually preferred for the interior, while 4mm and 6mm are preferred for exteriors.


All ACPs are not fire-retardant, which is why before buying ACP cladding for the exterior it is must to consider the fire resistance of the sheet. The exterior of a building is the most vulnerable to fire accidents. Blanketing the building with fire-retardant sheets enhances fire penetration time and it is a savior in fire accidents to evacuate residents and valuable property.


These are some points that will help you to choose the right ACP shade for the exterior. Buying ACP can seem like an as arduous task, but having the right plan can make it easier. The diverse range of ACP includes metallic cladding, mirror finishes, wooden textures, stone textures, and so on. If your home is already done, then give a quick visit to the nearest ACP cladding supplier to get a deal of beauty that comes with a handful of benefits.

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